With our latest tattoo removal technology, we can help erase what was once permanent. 

We get it, things change! Whether you want your tattoo removed or faded out enough for a re-do, we can help get your skin back to a blank canvas. 


How it works 

Our highly experienced clinicians uses the latest in tattoo removal technology to pulse a safe high energy light beam at the treatment area, targeting the ink. This penetrates the tissues and shatters the ink into tiny particles. These particles are gradually absorbed by your body’s lymphatic system and eliminated over time. 

This targeted and gradual treatment effectively removes tattoos without any scarring or discolouration of the area. 

We recommend your treatments are 8 weeks apart and depending on the colour of tattoo, you can expect a standard tattoo to need between 6 - 12 treatments. 

Our technology

We use the highest performance tattoo removal technology and pride ourselves on being above the Australian standard. 

Our Spectrum Q-switched Nd:YAG is the perfect machine for removing tattoos effectively and without any scarring or discolouration of the area. The Q Switch laser’s variable wavelength also means it is able to target most coloured inks. 

Want to know more?

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